Support asdf keys workig

support asdf keys workig

I have a MacBook Pro OSX, that I bought about 4 years ago. It has worked PERFECTLY for me. Until now. What is happening is at RANDOM  ASDF keys randomly stop working.
This marvellous article (http:// support keeps popping up, so I follow ASDF KEYS OF MACBOOK AIR NOT WORKING.
I am having a similar problem. Keys z, x, c and v dont work on the keyboard. They work on the On screen and USB keyboards. What should I do  Latitude Keyboard Non- Working 8 i k Keys Possible Fix - General..

Support asdf keys workig journey fast

The NumLock key should work now. What should I do to fix this?

support asdf keys workig

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Certain keys of laptop keyboard not working:- Solved

Support asdf keys workig - - tri fast

I have to hit it repeatedly to get it to work. The solution I posted has so far solved that issue.

support asdf keys workig