Justin defend south korean ingrates

justin defend south korean ingrates

A U.S. missile defense system called Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD, is installed at a golf course in Seongju, South Korea.
A U.S. missile shield deployed in South Korea against China's objections is now technically ready for operations as tensions grow over North.
by Justin Raimondo, May 01, Print This | Share This So I informed South Korea it would be appropriate if they paid. We're going to protect them.

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We disagreed during the conference and almost exchanged blows. Much of the interview had to be cut for time. THADD is part of the Asian Pivot. Ki-jung may be, he gets at the core issue:. What is a truly independent Korean leadership likely to do? Unfortunately we are asked to decide every four years whom we want to be our next president. The people simply DO NOT MATTER The sensible approach would be to give or sell lots of tactical nukes to SoKo and then leave. They would report their findings.
justin defend south korean ingrates

Who cares whether S. In a communique issued after the election, ECA insisted on the restructuring of the country. The people simply DO NOT MATTER. Moon Jae-in, the liberal candidate who is favored to win, opposes the antimissile. Seoul will almost certainly be hit in the first moments of the war breaking out again, and it will be ugly and there will be casualties. Every ascendant empire promotes the myth that it is the apex of human history. If its held, it will be manipulated by politicians.

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Again it seems like Trump is just interested in getting paid to wage war. Trump needs to see us! One thing is for sure. This is the age of grace where God allows man to choose an manmade false solution world government and a charismatic man who will appear to have all the answers but lead the world into a short period of slavery or the king of kings Jesus Christ. North Korea is still Korea. During the presidential campaign, Trump seemed to understand.

justin defend south korean ingrates