Bold beautiful heather interview

bold beautiful heather interview

Heather Tom: Starting BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, I hadn't done daytime for like six months. I was a little rusty, but I also kind of felt like I was.
The Bold and the Beautiful's Dollar Bill Spencer had certainly taken things way too far in the past, and has made some very questionable and.
Heather Tom (Katie, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL) has gotten a Get all the dish in our feature interview with Tom in the latest issue of..

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You received a Daytime Emmy pre-nomination this year, and with good reason. I think that is the part of it … that these two have always had this push and pull and the appeal of that. How do you explain her staying in the marriage? Interview with "The Bold and the Beautiful" actress Heather Tom. When all of us are in scenes together, you know the ball is never going to get dropped. She knew full well who she married when she married him!
bold beautiful heather interview

He has been given some amazing material and he has just taken this material and run with it. He's someone who, "bold beautiful heather interview", although he kind of had to learn to be a family man, is seriously protective of his family. I also like that they have kept us together as long as they. Digest: Last year was very intense in terms of your story, with Brooke and Bill getting together when he was married to Katie. We charlotte escort license out quite a lot. News - Soap Buzz. Very rarely are you dealing with something that's anything less than life and death [laughs], so if you really commit to the stakes being that high, then it's easy to appanoose county cincinnati single women lose yourself in it. They need more airtime and a new story!

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  • Digest: Well, now it would be cider, not champagne…. Michael Fairman Soaps: On Air On Soaps.
  • Because they let them. That is not who she married.
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Daytime 41st Lead Actress Heather Tom

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What would you say about working with Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Steffy and Scott Clifton Liam? I also trust the other actors that I'm working with, and thankfully the scenes that I've had like that have been with people like Don Diamont Bill and Jacqui Wood Steffy. It was definitely great to have Jen there. That is a different kind of love. Bill Spencer, and then Scott being my on-screen son.